What are the highest paying positions in the digital marketing world?

I’ve been in marketing for a couple of years and am looking to level up my career in terms of skills/experience level, but primarily salary. So far I have been doing a really broad range of things from social media to building webpages to design to admin stuff – sort of a jack of all trades – and while my adaptability has made me pretty valued in my current role, it’s harder to sell to outsiders, and I’m ready to move on from my current role ASAP.

I’ve got a pretty analytical mindset and think I’d enjoy the more data heavy side of marketing, but I also really enjoy the creative side . I’ve been looking at Senior Marketing Specialist/Senior Digital Marketing Specialist roles, but again I don’t know if I should be specializing more.

So if salary is my highest priority right now, like I want to make *a lot* of money and preferably pretty soon, where should I be looking? What’s the quickest path to a six figure or higher salary in the marketing world?