Transitioning into a marketing career


I have recently gotten involved in the Web3 space and I’m looking to get a career in it.

I have gotten 2 small jobs by being a community manager, and an influencer manager. Unrelated to Web3, my main job has been running a community for 6 years, including handling their social media, so compared to the average I have a lot of experience. And for influencer marketing, I have a big Twitter page so I guess I can be considered an influencer myself which gives me some credibility.

I’m trying to get a more serious job that is full-time and/or pays better. However, these two tasks are often related to overall marketing. If I could apply to marketing positions too, or at least be able to say that I also have a marketing background for the community/influencer positions, I think that would help me a great deal.

But I have no idea where to start. I’ve seen so many courses, including what’s on the sidebar, but it’s overwhelming and I’m not sure if my particular background should make me go in a particular direction.

Furthermore, even after I learn a lot about marketing, how can I leverage this when applying for positions? I can’t just say that I just did a bunch of random courses in the last few months, I’m not sure how to put myself in a position where I’m taken seriously.

I feel like have a good opportunity here but I just can’t seem to see how to go about it.

Any insight is appreciated
Thank you!