Tracking of LinkedIn Ads on Google Analytics

I’m running some ads on LinkedIn Ads that are redirecting toward the website of my client.

On Google Analytics, no way to see the traffic from these campaigns.
I thought maybe it would be in the direct source but it is not.
I even made a new landing page just accessible through the campaigns and no sign from the traffic from my LinkedIn Ads.

I did put some UTM on the ads in order to create myself a tracking source.
Since this i see the traffic from my LinkedIn Ads but the engagement is plain 100% bounce rate, which makes 0 sense because these campaigns are super optimized and targeting a very specific audience.
If it would be even 90% bounce rate i would doubt about my ads / landing Page etc but 100% makes me feel it’s a bug of tracking.

I mean is it normal at first that my Google analytics would completely ignore a big amount of traffic ? Usually when Google Analytics doesn’t know where comes from the traffic, it puts it in direct source, but not there.