Thoughts on an offer from a competitor agency, after only 4-months in my current role?

Hi there, I have a few thoughts and ideas on my career path, that I thought this sub-reddit could help chime in with. Ultimately, I know the decision is something I have to choose, but I’d love this community’s input, if I may.

I currently work for a large media agency, under one of the big-6 holding companies. The way my current role is structured, I am an associate, in strategy, for the media planning team. I have been here since April of 2022, but have prior experience roles in agency-settings, as well as marketing. This is my first role in media though, so I am still learning.

Our team is quite small, and we are under-staffed, so we don’t currently have senior associates, and instead jumping into supervisors. Today, during our 1:1, my supervisor also mentioned leaving, and this being her last week, so I’ll only have one supervisor.

Our team is structured with three associates, two supervisors , an associate director, and a director.

I also just recently got an interview to a competitor holding company, under their agency. This would be for a senior media planner role, and would come with a boost in title, and salary, something that excites me. But I have no idea on their team, culture, or process, something that I’ll have to learn.

Questions I am curious about:

If an offer is extended, should I accept, despite liking my role now, for a higher-title and pay?

Can I move too quickly in advertising? Can everything needed to know about media and advertising be learnt on the job?

If I don’t get the offer for the competitor agency, how do I explain to my team and leadership that I would like to move into the senior associate role at my-current-now agency?

Is 4-months too early to jump-ship? How do I avoid burning bridges?