The Top 10 AI-Powered Marketing Tools To Boost Your Marketing Returns

Your marketing must be exceptionally cost-efficient and effective to create an impact in the highly competitive and dynamic business world. All businesses are in a race to stand apart from competitors with their promotion efforts and those with deep pockets indeed have traditionally enjoyed an advantage.

But things are changing fast as low-cost AI-powered tools are automating and optimizing all digital marketing activities. The key to a competitive advantage is now to make the right use of impactful yet affordable AI tools; instead of spending more money and manpower on manual techniques.

So, here are the top 10 AI tools that you must check out in order to get a competitive edge and boost your marketing ROI:

* **PursueApp-** Cold emailing automation SAAS that offers advanced scheduling, customized mail sequences, automatic personalization, accurate content spinning, and many other cutting-edge features.
* **VidScribe AI-** Advanced video translation software that subtitles transcribes and translates your video content within minutes. It is powered by AI and machine learning algorithms that generate the most natural-sounding speech in any of the hundreds of languages it supports.
* **Unmetric-** A competitor analysis tool that helps you find new opportunities by using AI algorithms to analyze and interpret your competitors’ data. It is the ideal tool to discover, understand and follow the strategy of your successful competitors.
* **NetBase-** A consumer and market intelligence tool that helps you to understand business trends by delivering contextual insights about the market and consumer behavior.
* **MorphL-** An AI tool that helps you to optimize and improve your keyword research so you can raise your search engine rankings. It also applies AI to analyze the market and provides suggestions accordingly to help you target the right customers with the right content and search optimizations.
* **Albert-** A cutting-edge tool that can help you to generate marketing campaigns quickly by deeply analyzing your company and market data. It helps you identify the right customers for your campaigns and breaks down large data sets to help you leverage all your accounts and platforms.
* **Grammarly-** An advanced proofreading and editing tool that applies its AI algorithm to read your writing and gives you suggestions on how to improve or correct your grammar, punctuations, contextual errors, and even structural mistakes.
* **Yext-** A specialized sentiment analysis tool that helps your brand stay on top of all your reviews and online recommendations. By using AI to process reviews left on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. Yext delivers insights into what is being said about your brand.
* **AddResponse-** A powerful sentiment analysis and comment moderation tool that helps you to manage comments made on your posts and analyze what is being said about you on Facebook and Instagram. It helps you to remove negative comments while boosting your customer engagement.
* **Acrolinx-** This AI-powered tool helps you improve the quality of your content by analyzing your previously published content and aligning it to your brand standards. It also finds areas of content improvement and includes proofreading tools to ensure that your content meets high standards of quality and accuracy.