Marketing Agencies of Reddit, I need your help


I work with a social media management tool, I am one of the co-founders.

We are changing our positioning via copy as we believe our target audience does not understand our core offering.

However, before we put effort into copy, I want to make sure that the product idea makes sense to agencies like you. Would you be kind enough to go through the idea below and tell me if you would use it or not and why?

The Internet abounds in social media management tools. We have built ours to help you with your evergreen content and repeating schedules.

As an agency, you manage social media for your clients.

You create posts for a client and put them in a library created for that client. You then connect their accounts to this library to specify how many times posts should go out and on which accounts. Once everything from a library has gone out it starts again at the beginning and hence the social accounts will always have something going out.

If the client later wants you to manage more accounts you just need to connect these new accounts to their existing library. With other tools, you need to update every single post, which is just a waste of time.

Also, you can create libraries with content that is applicable to every client in that niche As soon as you get a client just connect their accounts to a few of these libraries and they will start getting posts instantly. Now that will make you stand out.

Do you think this makes your job easier? Mind you, we have the basics covered where you can simply schedule something for a future time. But our specialty is the way we manage evergreen content.


Question: dedicated category page VS search page

Hi all,

I have a SEO question, which I can’t seem to find an answer to on the web…

I am working on a website, which is a marketplace listing local businesses. The search page is similar to AirBnB’s: results left, map right. Each business falls into a specific category.

My question is, how should I create the category pages for the best SEO? I believe I have 2 options


Should I partner with a fellow digital marketer to start a niche agency and/or online course?

I LOVE marketing and have been learning the ins and outs for years now for my own businesses. I’m extremely passionate about it and have always dreamed of launching a creative agency and/or course. However, that dream was put on hold as I have been primarily building my photography/videography brand since 2018. But now I see an opportunity to go after it!

I recently launched my first online course that teaches basic videography to a very niche group of photographers that loves to spend money on education. This is because the average sale for this style of photography is $3000. The course has made $30K organically since March without a funnel or paid ads. All sales came from the Instagram following I cultivated by showcasing my videography work. I’m currently working on building out the funnel to make the course evergreen. Something that I discovered from my current course members is that they all need help marketing their photography services. Most of them purchased my video course hoping to improve their online presence. This pain point derives from the prioritization of video content on social media. Many of my members purchased my course hoping to get more leads/sales by creating more video content. Filming & editing are valuable skills, but without understanding marketing and creating a strategy, they won’t see the results they want.

My idea is to either create a new online course that teaches my members how to do their own digital marketing OR, launch a boutique marketing agency for my members that don’t have the time to learn for themselves. I’ve spoken to some of my members and they’re already paying marketing agencies to run Facebook ads for them. One of my more successful members is about to hire an agency at $2000 per month to help with lead gen.

The reason I’m thinking about partnering with a marketing expert is that I know creating and managing a course or agency is a TON of work. My toxic trait is thinking that I can do and learn everything under the sun by myself and never burnout. But I know that’s not possible. What I’ve seen a lot of, though, are people who team up to launch a course or agency to split the load and profits down the middle. I was inspired to try this route after purchasing a course created by 2 guys that teamed up. One of them is a videographer and the other is a digital marketer. Since 2020, their course has been teaching videographers how to land MASSIVE deals by creating video content that fits within a marketing strategy. I’m a part of some course creation groups that the marketer is in and saw that they’re hitting $100K months now. I also purchased courses from another course creator that hired his brothers to help him operate and manage similar courses and they make MILLIONS per year. So yeah, their success definitely piqued my interest.

My question is: has anyone done this before? If so, how did you go about finding a great partner that is reliable, trustworthy, and capable of helping create an extremely profitable course/agency?

And if you’re someone who might be interested in teaming up, I’d love to send you my current course website and chat!


Here’s What Happened On Social Media In June 2022 (Marketer’s Edition)


Instagram launched 3 Crucial Updates:

1. Pinned Posts: Now you can pin your Top 3 Posts.
2. Instagram Reels now have IG polls, you can integrate polls into reels.
3. Instagram Reels launched 90-second Reels like Tiktok.

Privacy and Security Updates:

1. Instagram launched new tools to prevent Teens from Harmful Content + Now for age verification ID proof and video selfie is required.
2. Amber Alerts are back again in US used to inform about nation wide alerts.

**Worst Update: Instagram is supposedly testing Full-screen Feed like Tiktok.**


TikTok’s 2 Crucial Updates:

1. Tiktok launched Screen-Time Usage reminder like Tiktok and Instagram to remind you about your usage.
2. TikTok’s copycat feature: The platform launched Tiktok avatars like Snapchat and Instagram.

Advertising Updates:

1. Tiktok launched Attribution Manager for Advertisers.
2. Tiktok launched a new Creative Tool called “Trends Discovery” in Tiktok business Center to help you find new trends on App.

Upcoming Updates – Tiktok is working on two features as confirmed: “Who Viewed Your Posts” and “clear mode” to provide you distraction-free scrolling.


LinkedIn’s 4 Crucial Updates:

1. LinkedIn Launched Business Manager to make the work for Agencies and Businesses simple with one centralised platform.
2. LinkedIn adds Lead generation pages to forms.
3. You can now boost your LinkedIn Event with Ads.
4. LinkedIn Expands Creator Events to All Creators.

Education: LinkedIn launched new content marketing development course.

Other Updates: LinkedIn simplified process of reposting content on platform and launched “funny” reaction to the posts.


5 Crucial Updates from Twitter:

1. Twitter removes no-follow attribute from links in tweets.
2. Twitter announced a new feature “Notes” for long form content creation.
3. Twitter now allows Local businesses to display location and contact information on their profile.
4. Twitter launched “Product Drops” to inform followers about new launches from businesses.
5. Twitter launched “Campaign Manager” to help you plan your Advertising Strategies.

Partnerships & Other Updates:

1. Twitter partners with Shopify to provide better interface to Shopify businesses with one-click product display.
2. Twitter rolls out Report tweet feature faster and reports it’s efficient In stopping abuse on platform.
3. Twitter to roll out Google Alerts like Feature for search terms.

6+ Updates are missing: Twitter launches too many updates per month. I haven’t covered Twitter updates that don’t have a great part effecting your strategy.


4 Dumb Updates + 1 Great Update from Meta:

1. Meta is working on Basic Ads- Privacy friendly Ads using Less Personal Data of users.
2. WhatsApp now lets you hide your profile photo, Last seen and much more.
3. Facebook plans to turn its main feed into discovery engine for Video Content like TikTok.
4. Meta is adding a dedicated “Calls” Tab for messenger.
5. The platform is planning to roll out new monetisation tools on Instagram and Facebook + Extends it’s monetisation policy.

Other Updates:

1. A new Avatars store like Snapchat is coming to Facebook.
2. Meta stops development of AR glasses, and other hardware aimed for metaverse for now!
3. Meta COO sheryl Sandberg steps down.


2 Crucial Updates of Pinterest!

1. Pinterest launched Idea Ads and Paid Partnership Tool for Advertisers.
2. The platform expands its Shopify partnership and launches Ads in Japan.


2 Upcoming Updates in Snap

1. Snapchat is testing a new paid subscription feature for exclusive access to new features.
2. Snapchat is testing replies in Spotlight.

Advertising Update: Snap launched Dynamic Ads for Travel Advertisers.


2 Crucial Updates of YouTube

1. You can Add Text Corrections to Your YouTube Videos with audio errors.
2. YouTube brings shopping to YouTube Shorts with its Beauty Fest 2022.


2 Updates to Reddit’s Audio platform

1. Reddit Talk live bar rolled out for Web.
2. Reddit updates Reddit Talk with new discovery feature.


1. Neil Patel Acquires Answer the public to integrate with and use data for Ubersuggest.
3. Apple search campaigns are shifting to cost per tap pricing model.
5. WordPress Jetpack Now Available As Six Plugins.
6. Ahrefs launched new Search Engine focused on creators called “Yep”.
7. Bing Tests Ads Under Search Bar.
8. Microsoft launches Cash back Promotions for Product Ads.
9. Amazon launches Local Ads team to provide better Ad placement for Amazon sellers.
10. WordPress launches a proposal to improve security & Performance of Plugins.


1. Elon Musk demands more platform data from Twitter to close the deal.
2. TikTok agrees to EU Data agreements as posted by official EU website.
3. Firefox rolls out Total cookies protection worldwide. This new privacy feature may effect Advertisers.

Thanks for reading. I tried to keep it short and sweet. If you found any missed updates, I had covered those In my newsletter and I narrowed down to make it more consumable here on Reddit!

**P.s. I share Marketing And Social Media Updates every week, You can subscribe through link in bio!**


E.A.T. in SEO – All Points Covered. Please mention if I missed any important point here?

In order to strengthen the E.A.T factors we should include the following:

* Launch author profile page and add a short bio of author along with link to the social media profile preferably LinkedIN. This should also have author’s profile pic.
* The author’s name and bio should be included in each blog post as well
* You can also have an Editor’s page on your website and can have all the editorial team’s information listed on that page with their profile picture.
* Must have About Us/ Team Page with information related to your main team members.
* Add physical address, phone number, working hours and Google Map on Contact us page.
* Include address, phone number at the footer section also.

For YMYL websites:

* Add links to external high authority websites from where important data is taken.
* Include References at the end of each Blog Post



How I got 29k followers on instagram in a week – @mechamojojo

Instagram is changing it’s algorithm and now is putting all it’s power into reels, suddenly an old video of mine that i posted on instagram and didn’t go anywhere went viral too!

And noticing that it was probably a chance to enjoy the wave, i started to post a video every day in the last week, and i got videos with 2 million views, 1 million and 3 million. Raising my followers from 3 thousand to 32.5k and counting.

That’s it, focus on reels!

use the right hashtags, use popular songs, go viral 🙂


I just want to know the 12-month web traffic of websites accurately – how?

I just want to know the 12-month web traffic of websites accurately. I need to check few websites and make comparison.

I used to sign up for semrush free trial to do this but i am searching for something that i dont need to signup or a free service or any other option. I mean, I dont use all the features of semrush, because i just mainly want to see the web traffic in an instant. Bonus if i can also see which keywords they rank but not required.

* google search console
* google analytics

are NOT an option.

Shopify apps are also not an option. Those websites i need to check are not all shopify nor wordpress. I need something that works regardless of the site build.

Which tool can you recommend?

EDIT: I don’t need rude, stupid and useless comments here.

If you think just merely know the web traffic is illegal or as if I gonna hack them, i wonder why you are in digital marketing sub in the first place. Digital marketing specialists and SEO specialists do this all the time. YouTubers even do this live to compare websites.

I just need a tool recommendation.

There’s nothing you can do to harm the site just by knowing the web traffic.


Should I leave my job for an entry-level position in marketing, or focus on padding my resume with solo pursuits and stay in my current position?

X-posting from r/ marketing where I got no traction.

I recently got out of doing labor and into the office at the flooring company I work for. It’s been 90 days and I’ll be getting a raise up to $27.50 or so. My current position is a very customer experience based role and, while I enjoy it a lot more than labor, I’m much more interested in marketing. It’s come to my boss’s attention that I might not be very happy with the company/my position and we had a quick meeting where he mentioned that they love me and want me in this role, but I need to consider if I’ll be happy here. Ultimately, I’m OK with my job, not enthralled, but I can definitely stick it out until I’ve got a year under my belt. I think this could look really good because my current title is Assistant Production Manager

As for padding my resume, my SO is a successful tattoo artist that works at one of the largest shops in our country, and I’ll be managing her social media. I’ll be getting experience taking and editing videos, structuring her profiles on tiktok and Instagram, and building up to running targeted ads. Excited to be working in apps that automate monthly posting . I’ll also be building basic websites for my marketing ventures and my sister’s new dog training venture. From there, I’d like to reach out to other business owners and artists I know and offer cheap services with the goal to build up to $1,000+ a month on the side.

If you’re still reading, I appreciate you!

Now onto the advice:
Should I stay at this job making ~$60k and grind on the side to get my experience, or take a pretty big cut to get experience in an agency while also grinding to build my own agency. Even if I stay at my job until I hit a year, I’ll likely end up taking whatever position I can get in an agency so that I’m as immersed as possible, unless I’m bringing in $4k+/month. I’m leaning towards staying at my current job because of the potential title prestige over other entry level applicants, but I don’t know what learning I’d be missing out on if I opt not to join an agency. Any advice is greatly appreciated


I am respectfully asking for some advice

Hello! I recently saw a post here about beginners asking questions to try to get other people to do the work for them, and while I’m a beginner looking for advice I don’t need anyone to do the work for me because I think I already did most of it.

I recently started a brand which is my pop culture blogging website I already made the website and all the designs myself such as a logo and headers. I made an Instagram for it as well , and I’m going to be creating a Twitter after dinner. I plan to run everything myself. This is also non-profit.

I’m currently a senior in high school who wants to learn about Digital Marketing, Web Development, SEO, and growing a brand while doing something fun. Learning to do something through a fun activity works wonders in the end.

I was wondering if there’s any advice you could give before I fully begin so I can get the most out of this project.

I do want the project to grow. Id love to do interviews with people and start a podcast, but I need some traction first.

I don’t have anyone else to really ask so that’s why I came here. My marketing teacher quit two years ago and she’s the one who started the first push for me to find what I want to do with my life. I’m hoping that since some of you have been in this business for a long time you’ll have something inspirational/helpful to say.

Thank you! Have a great day!


What digital marketing technique offers the highest ROI (email marketing, SEO, SEM, social media, etc.)?

IMO, from the highest to the lowest ROI:

1. **Influencer marketing.** This is a type of social media marketing that consists on paying social influencers to promote your brand. I set it apart from regular social media marketing because it has a much higher ROI. While people tune out advertising, they pay attention to what influencers post. Basically you have native social media advertising and word-of-mouth marketing all in one.
2. **Email marketing.** Sounds old fashion, but it works. If done right, email marketing can be very cheap and you can reach many people very fast.
3. **SEM.** Reaching people via SEM can be expensive depending on your industry and expertise , but the conversion rates are very good. At the end of the day, you are attracting people that are searching for what you offer!
4. **SEO.** This one does have a high ROI in the long term, but in the short term, it will not get you many results very fast. However, this supports your SEM strategies.
5. **Social media marketing.** It’s supposed to be a must, but IMO it’s the least cost-effective.