Best way to market a handmade business on LinkedIn?

I’ve had linkedin for a couple of years now since I’m an undergrad student. I’m not really active on it, and I have a very basic profile that basically consists of everything from my résumé .

Recently, I decided to follow my creative pursuits and sell handmade jewelry online. I want to market my products on every social media platform, including LinkedIn. However, I’m not too familiar with its algorithm and I’m not sure what kind of things to do.

-Should I create a regular post announcing the website and feature some pics of the products?
-Should I create some kind of blog and link it ?
-Is there a certain demographic/professionals I should connect with and message to help gain more exposure? -Are there magazine editors that could write about my products?

Not sure what approach I should take…


B2B is 1,000x more rewarding than B2C.

It’s less about feeding into to people’s basic ego-driven, impulsive instincts , and more about providing a huge amount genuine value to the market.

Getting people to see things in a new way.

Making people’s lives easier.

Making their businesses more profitable.

And if your solution is genuinely better than anything else, you can have a real impact on your target market.

You can raise the standards.

The best part?

The bar is *so* low for B2B marketing.

Which means you can stand out just by applying basic marketing fundamentals.


The Top 10 AI-Powered Marketing Tools To Boost Your Marketing Returns

Your marketing must be exceptionally cost-efficient and effective to create an impact in the highly competitive and dynamic business world. All businesses are in a race to stand apart from competitors with their promotion efforts and those with deep pockets indeed have traditionally enjoyed an advantage.

But things are changing fast as low-cost AI-powered tools are automating and optimizing all digital marketing activities. The key to a competitive advantage is now to make the right use of impactful yet affordable AI tools; instead of spending more money and manpower on manual techniques.

So, here are the top 10 AI tools that you must check out in order to get a competitive edge and boost your marketing ROI:

* **PursueApp-** Cold emailing automation SAAS that offers advanced scheduling, customized mail sequences, automatic personalization, accurate content spinning, and many other cutting-edge features.
* **VidScribe AI-** Advanced video translation software that subtitles transcribes and translates your video content within minutes. It is powered by AI and machine learning algorithms that generate the most natural-sounding speech in any of the hundreds of languages it supports.
* **Unmetric-** A competitor analysis tool that helps you find new opportunities by using AI algorithms to analyze and interpret your competitors’ data. It is the ideal tool to discover, understand and follow the strategy of your successful competitors.
* **NetBase-** A consumer and market intelligence tool that helps you to understand business trends by delivering contextual insights about the market and consumer behavior.
* **MorphL-** An AI tool that helps you to optimize and improve your keyword research so you can raise your search engine rankings. It also applies AI to analyze the market and provides suggestions accordingly to help you target the right customers with the right content and search optimizations.
* **Albert-** A cutting-edge tool that can help you to generate marketing campaigns quickly by deeply analyzing your company and market data. It helps you identify the right customers for your campaigns and breaks down large data sets to help you leverage all your accounts and platforms.
* **Grammarly-** An advanced proofreading and editing tool that applies its AI algorithm to read your writing and gives you suggestions on how to improve or correct your grammar, punctuations, contextual errors, and even structural mistakes.
* **Yext-** A specialized sentiment analysis tool that helps your brand stay on top of all your reviews and online recommendations. By using AI to process reviews left on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. Yext delivers insights into what is being said about your brand.
* **AddResponse-** A powerful sentiment analysis and comment moderation tool that helps you to manage comments made on your posts and analyze what is being said about you on Facebook and Instagram. It helps you to remove negative comments while boosting your customer engagement.
* **Acrolinx-** This AI-powered tool helps you improve the quality of your content by analyzing your previously published content and aligning it to your brand standards. It also finds areas of content improvement and includes proofreading tools to ensure that your content meets high standards of quality and accuracy.


Can a 23 year old guy get into marketing with no college degree?

I don’t have a college degree.I wasn’t lazy.I just didn’t know what I wanted to do.

I got into programming and web developing but 2 months ago I got a job in a sales and at the same time I am managing the company’s website/facebook accounts etc.

This is the first time I have need to study a bit on digital marketing and it has sparked my interest greatly!

Do you think I could get a job in a marketing agency if I took part in some good quality seminars even though I don’t have a college degree on marketing?

Do you have any other ideas on what I could do to further improve my chances and gain more knowledge,abilities and/or mor qualifications?

Thank you!


PR… without a PR agency

Hi there to anyone giving this a read.

I run a small manufacturing workshop in the B2C space and I’m an SEO by trade . We’re doing well and are now looking at PR, primarily to further raise brand awareness, and secondly to build backlinks to our website through features in news sites/articles.

I have had dealing with a couple of PR agencies in the past, spending £10’000s with somewhat underwhelming results. Albeit this was in a different company I worked within and didn’t have direct control over, it’s put me off dealing with PR agencies.

I have only a handful of contacts in the media/publication space. What I want to know is, do businesses have much luck reaching out to publishers directly for features? Or is it expected to be done through PR agencies as they have the knowhow and connections, etc? What’s the best way to approach this.

Any thoughts/advice is appreciated!


How much discrepancy between Native Ad Platform and GA is tolerable?

As most seasoned advertisers probably know already, the way an ad platform counts a click varies from platform to platform, but also varies with how GA counts a session/UU – so there is always *some discrepancy* expected; but how much is too much and warrants an investigation?

Latest campaign I have been running, I’ve been seeing a worrisome large gap between reported clicks on the platform , TikTok) and sessions in GA attributed to those campaigns – thru UTM tracking. I am talking about 60% difference on average, where for every 100 clicks reported on the Ad platform, I am seeing 30-40 sessions reported on GA.

Is this the new normal due to tracking issues on mobile/privacy laws, or does this warrant reaching out to Ad Support? The issue is that they will always point me back to the usual ‘GA and Platform track things differently’, so I am not sure if I will get any answers that way. On the flip side, is this an indication of a festering of invalid clicks ramping up on the Ad platforms?

Would like to hear everyone’s opinion; especially seasoned Digital Advertisers!


Here’s What Happened On Social Media Last Week (Marketer’s Edition)


* Google releases Ads editor version 2.1 with 10+ new features.
* Google Search Console Insights now support Google Analytics 4.
* Google launches diagnostic insights for Performance Max Campaigns.
* Google Clarifies Course structure data requirement.
* Google merchant Center auto-tagging now supported on all shopping experiences.
* New Improved Google Ads Targeting Options are available in Google Ads


* Tiktok “Follow Me” event is here. SMBs and Marketers can learn more about Tiktok for free.
* TikTok is testing ability to restrict live streams to viewers.
* Tiktok reportedly dropped plans of expanding shops to US & Europe after launch in UK fails!


* Instagram expands access to reels templates, Add new music and much more.
* Instagram is working on a new close friends feature adding direct lists of close-fri new to chats.


* Elon musk says he is terminating $44bn Twitter Deal.
* Twitter’s newsletter platform “Revue” is down from Friday night.
* Twitter announces CoTweets, collaborative tweets for creators.
* Twitter lays off 30% of its talent acquisition team.


* Meta is dumping Facebook Logins for Metaverse, Plans to launch Metaverse IDs in few months.
* Meta takes against data scraping that occurs on platform.
* Meta adds 200 languages to the AI to provide better experience in Metaverse.

##YouTube & Pinterest:

* YouTube launches Updated Shorts analytics with two new features.
* Pinterest launched 4 new Shopping features showing more focus on e-commerce.
* Pinterest will provide employees more flexibility with their ‘Pinflex’ incentive program.
* Pinterest expands Idea Pin Ads to Argentina, Colombia and Chile.


* Microsoft Advertising launched Automatic updates for Shopping campaigns and much more!
* Amazon unleashes Influencers for Prime Day.
* RadioShack is in headlines with CMO going crazy with negative tweets.


* Reddit launches Collectible Avatars , biggest NFT project of all time and the platform doesn’t want to call them NFTs.
* Reddit Post Insights are now available on mobile for some users . Do you have it?

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Marketing folk, do you know what it takes to grow a brand?

The reason I ask is that i want to start an honest conversation about the industry’s understanding or lack thereof marketing principles.

Do you rate yourself highly? Can i put you in front of any CMO and can you deconstruct the problem and implement solutions? Are you educated in marketing, or just a few courses or none at all?

I don’t mind if you’re b2b or b2c or what category you’re in, or what level of experience. I genuinely want to know how well educated and robust people are on marketing principles regardless of sector or business size etc.

My gut feel is that marketing fundamentals are weak and we are increasingly tactical and not strategic, but it is a hypothesis I’ve always wanted the answer to.


Sustainability and Marketing

I’m currently in my second year of Bcom where I major in Marketing. Next semester I have to start picking out my minors, and corporate sustainability seemed really interesting to me; other offerings are pretty traditional ones like statistics, law, psych, IT, etc.

I was wondering how employers would see this? I’ve heard that employers don’t actually care what you minor in, and I feel like I will choose this minor regardless, but I was curious to see if corporate sustainability had any value to it from an employers perspective.

Ideally, I’d like to work for a B2C creative agency but i’m still very flexible, and would appreciate any insight anyone has!


How Twitter DMs can help you in marketing?

We have researched a lot of things on Twitter and we found multiple ways to reach out to our customers using Twitter DMs. Here are three ways that Twitter DMs can help you in marketing for any kind of business:

**1. Create a personal connection with customers:** With DMs, you can communicate directly with the people who matter most! Your customers! You can use them to ask questions and get feedback from potential buyers or loyal customers, or even just send thank-you messages when they follow up on an order or make a purchase.

**2. Share exclusive offers and discounts with select customers**: If there’s something special going on at your company like a summer sale, promotion, good friday sale or new product launch, you can use direct messages to let certain loyal customers know about it first! This can help build relationships with loyal customers while also attracting new ones who want access to special deals and promotions only available through direct messages on Twitter itself!

**3. Reach out to influencers who are relevant to your business:** If you want more customers, then it’s important that you build relationships with influencers who have high follower counts themselves. These influencers are often happy when brands reach out to them about sponsoring their relevant content or simply sharing their story with their audience. By following influencers and engaging with them using Twitter DMs, it will be easier for them to notice you and eventually share your content with their audience which will result in more followers for you!

All these things will not be difficult, use social media analytics tools to target your audiences! Loyal ones or haters! Use data analytics to find out who talks positive or negative about you, send DMs them accordingly. Convocean will help you out here from targeting your audience to send them DMs together by using their bulk DMs feature!

Hope these ways will help you out in your new marketing strategy sooner! Add any other tips in comments if you have any!