What’s of more value: Marketing Degree or Computer design?

Neither is essential for their field, but I’m at a crossroads between the two. I enjoy marketing, read constantly about it, and want to get into more situations where I can gain experience. That being said, I’ve been swept by the idea of game design and my girlfriend came up to me and said it fits me. Ever since then, I’ve been thinking about learning code as a hobby .

The issue is people say you don’t need a degree for both, but I’m already 2.5 years into college and want to get one for security sake. I dream of being a video game marketer/software marketer, hell any chance to help build a brands/businesses story and work in business psychology makes me happy.

My main goal is just to be able to raise a family while fulfilling my need to work on something that creates change. So salary is a factor, but I have no need to be rich, just to where I can care for people while finding fulfilling work.

Would love to hear anything from anyone who has worked in marketing with a digital focus or who has gone through a similar situation. I’ll link this same discussion in a different thread so anyone else wondering can look through and the two sides can intermingle:

Edit 1: Computer Science / Programming

Edit 2: After writing this post twice I’m leaning to marketing but I know having a Marketing degree still isn’t an essential thing and if I am to look into computer Marketing, then having a degree with a focus to that could be good. Also I am aware my fixation is just on coding for games and not coding in general.

Edit 3: I am trying to avoid the mental trap of game design, I am interested in computers in general, built one and did IT for my high school a couple years ago. I am definitely going to do research into the computer science world though, due to this response. Thanks to the people who reached out!


From content marketing to (somewhere)? — curious about career switch

I’ve been in content marketing for a decade, starting as an individual contributor and moving my way to now, where I’m the head of content for an enterprise B2B tech company, with a small team under me. It’s been fun, but now I’m interested in other branches of marketing — some days, it feels like content is a young person’s game, and I don’t feel terribly excited about what I do any longer.

Along the way, I’ve gathered a good cross-section of marketing skills and am curious about shifting to another area of marketing .

Has anyone successfully made this switch? What other areas should someone with a deep content skillset look at? Product marketing and sales enablement seem particularly interesting.


What would you do? Detailing Company

I’d like to preface that I have a marketing company and a sales guy. Marketing company gets leads through facebook for a monthly fee of $1k/month plus adspend. Results have been decent so far.
I just hired an SEO company to get my name on the top of searches. But that will take at least 6 months.

I own a high-end car and boat detailing company in south florida. I specialize in paint corrections and ceramic coatings.

I’d like to hear opinions from people outside of the detailing world on how you would become #1 in your area IF you were to own a detailing company.
My shop is not on a main road so drive-by’s are not an option.
My average client spends $1500 with me.


Accidentally Screwed Myself on Initial Salary Question – Any way out?

So during the initial phone interview for this Marketing Specialist Position she asked me what my salary expectations are – I read the job description where it said “estimated 35-40k a year” and said “35-40” while wanting to kick myself immediately after.

Now I’m almost positive they are going to send me an offer letter and I’m wondering how and if I can renegotiate a better salary for myself.

Can I ask for more than the estimated? I’m currently receiving $43k at my current job but it’s not salary and I hate the hours and would rather work in marketing.

I’ve never had a salary before and don’t know much about negotiating.

I don’t have a degree , but I have 10 years of experience, albeit shoddy .

How can I save myself and get a better salary with this position? Thanks.


Help an intern out – Communication Plan

I’m currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in business operations and logistics, and I’m fortunate to have received an internship in a pretty well-known solutions company. They’ve tasked me and another intern with multiple projects including creating a communication plan.

We brainstormed a few ideas and presented them, and it went well, but none of us know what to do next. I think we need to break down the ideas we have and kind of create a list of action items, timelines, etc. but the ideas are REALLY vague and I’m having trouble actually making them practical and put into real-world usage.

I haven’t taken too many business classes yet, and I’m not very knowledgeable on a lot of the things I’m expected to do, so it’s a great learning opportunity but I’m also feeling a bit of imposter syndrome. Do any of you have tips of how to create a practical communication plan for the company, and what questions I can ask/info I need to actually make it useful and beneficial? Not really sure how to move forward so literally any advice would be awesome, thanks so much


How do I feel better about leaving my agency?

Let me start off by saying that I just got a new job and while it normally would be exciting, I’m also feeling a bit of mixed emotions about the whole ordeal. I’ve been in my current role as an assistant media planner for about three months and recently received an offer from a competing agency for a senior associate media planner. This is probably great news to anyone in the advertising industry, but I feel a bit of conflicting thoughts internally.

Am I ready at three months to be a senior media planner?
Should I just stay in my current role, am I biting off more then I can chew?
Am I burning down bridges with my current role if I leave?

Don’t get me wrong. It’s a salary bump and title increase so in many ways, it’s the smarter decision. But also a part of me is constantly telling me that I shouldn’t take it. Maybe it’s imposter syndrome, maybe it’s a debt of gratitude I owe to my current director who interviewed me, and had no idea I would be leaving after three months.

They were not willing to match the offer I received and in many ways, I wished they would have. The alternative is me staying and working and learning in my role, waiting until one year, and then applying to be a senior associate media planner.

I’m sure the new job will teach me how to work, and I also trust their abilities to suss out if I’m the right candidate.

A part of me just feels bad because I didn’t give my current role a fair shot.

I know it’s commonplace for individuals to jump around and agency hop to get to higher status and pay, but I try not to be that guy.

I’m a bit anxious, and sick. What if the grass is not really greener in the other side? What if I really bit off more then I can chew?

Would they let me go if I didn’t perform? Can I go back to my former agency?

Am I a bad person for not being loyal?


Seeking guidance: hiring brand designer/strategist

I’m in the process of establishing an athletic apparel company and am looking to hire a freelance brand strategist/designer.

I believe getting this hire right will ultimately determine if this venture is a success or failure, so I want to be very thoughtful about who I work with and find an absolute rock star.

>>To help land this rock star, I’m looking for advice and guidance from this community; so… what questions should I ask in my candidate screening, what criteria is most critical, what to look for or avoid, signs I’ve found amazing talent, thoughts on where/what to place most emphasis in my recruit ment/decision making, etc.

>>Finally, if you are or know of someone who has the ‘wow’ factor, Shoot me a DM.

Thank you


Best way to market a handmade business on LinkedIn?

I’ve had linkedin for a couple of years now since I’m an undergrad student. I’m not really active on it, and I have a very basic profile that basically consists of everything from my résumé .

Recently, I decided to follow my creative pursuits and sell handmade jewelry online. I want to market my products on every social media platform, including LinkedIn. However, I’m not too familiar with its algorithm and I’m not sure what kind of things to do.

-Should I create a regular post announcing the website and feature some pics of the products?
-Should I create some kind of blog and link it ?
-Is there a certain demographic/professionals I should connect with and message to help gain more exposure? -Are there magazine editors that could write about my products?

Not sure what approach I should take…


B2B is 1,000x more rewarding than B2C.

It’s less about feeding into to people’s basic ego-driven, impulsive instincts , and more about providing a huge amount genuine value to the market.

Getting people to see things in a new way.

Making people’s lives easier.

Making their businesses more profitable.

And if your solution is genuinely better than anything else, you can have a real impact on your target market.

You can raise the standards.

The best part?

The bar is *so* low for B2B marketing.

Which means you can stand out just by applying basic marketing fundamentals.


The Top 10 AI-Powered Marketing Tools To Boost Your Marketing Returns

Your marketing must be exceptionally cost-efficient and effective to create an impact in the highly competitive and dynamic business world. All businesses are in a race to stand apart from competitors with their promotion efforts and those with deep pockets indeed have traditionally enjoyed an advantage.

But things are changing fast as low-cost AI-powered tools are automating and optimizing all digital marketing activities. The key to a competitive advantage is now to make the right use of impactful yet affordable AI tools; instead of spending more money and manpower on manual techniques.

So, here are the top 10 AI tools that you must check out in order to get a competitive edge and boost your marketing ROI:

* **PursueApp-** Cold emailing automation SAAS that offers advanced scheduling, customized mail sequences, automatic personalization, accurate content spinning, and many other cutting-edge features.
* **VidScribe AI-** Advanced video translation software that subtitles transcribes and translates your video content within minutes. It is powered by AI and machine learning algorithms that generate the most natural-sounding speech in any of the hundreds of languages it supports.
* **Unmetric-** A competitor analysis tool that helps you find new opportunities by using AI algorithms to analyze and interpret your competitors’ data. It is the ideal tool to discover, understand and follow the strategy of your successful competitors.
* **NetBase-** A consumer and market intelligence tool that helps you to understand business trends by delivering contextual insights about the market and consumer behavior.
* **MorphL-** An AI tool that helps you to optimize and improve your keyword research so you can raise your search engine rankings. It also applies AI to analyze the market and provides suggestions accordingly to help you target the right customers with the right content and search optimizations.
* **Albert-** A cutting-edge tool that can help you to generate marketing campaigns quickly by deeply analyzing your company and market data. It helps you identify the right customers for your campaigns and breaks down large data sets to help you leverage all your accounts and platforms.
* **Grammarly-** An advanced proofreading and editing tool that applies its AI algorithm to read your writing and gives you suggestions on how to improve or correct your grammar, punctuations, contextual errors, and even structural mistakes.
* **Yext-** A specialized sentiment analysis tool that helps your brand stay on top of all your reviews and online recommendations. By using AI to process reviews left on Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. Yext delivers insights into what is being said about your brand.
* **AddResponse-** A powerful sentiment analysis and comment moderation tool that helps you to manage comments made on your posts and analyze what is being said about you on Facebook and Instagram. It helps you to remove negative comments while boosting your customer engagement.
* **Acrolinx-** This AI-powered tool helps you improve the quality of your content by analyzing your previously published content and aligning it to your brand standards. It also finds areas of content improvement and includes proofreading tools to ensure that your content meets high standards of quality and accuracy.