[Offer] Free written content for your brand — in exchange for your feedback!

Hi there — I’m developing a tool that creates compelling, conversion-optimized short posts that can be used in Instagram posts/ads, blogs, Twitter posts/ads, etc.

The system uses AI with human oversight to ensure the copy is high quality and unique.

I’d love to create a few written samples for your brand, in exchange for your feedback so I can improve the tool. Totally free and no risk to you — just trying to build a product people love and need some input from potential customers.

If interested, please DM me!

Also if you’re curious, here’s a sample I generated for a fitness app:

>**How to make exercise fun**
>Many people view exercise as a chore, something they have to do to stay healthy. However, it doesn’t have to be this way! There are plenty of ways to make exercise fun. Here are a few ideas:

1. Find a workout buddy. Having someone to workout with can make the time fly by and make it more enjoyable.
2. Make it a social event. Invite friends over for a fitness party or join a local sports league.
3. Turn up the music. Create a high-energy playlist to get you pumped up for your workout.
4. Change things up. Keep your body and your mind guessing by trying new activities and exercises.
5. Set goals. Having something to work towards can help to make exercise more fun and rewarding.

>So don’t dread your next workout, look forward to it! With a few simple changes, you can make exercise fun.
>Download $appname to get access to free video exercise sessions!