Marketing Agencies of Reddit, I need your help


I work with a social media management tool, I am one of the co-founders.

We are changing our positioning via copy as we believe our target audience does not understand our core offering.

However, before we put effort into copy, I want to make sure that the product idea makes sense to agencies like you. Would you be kind enough to go through the idea below and tell me if you would use it or not and why?

The Internet abounds in social media management tools. We have built ours to help you with your evergreen content and repeating schedules.

As an agency, you manage social media for your clients.

You create posts for a client and put them in a library created for that client. You then connect their accounts to this library to specify how many times posts should go out and on which accounts. Once everything from a library has gone out it starts again at the beginning and hence the social accounts will always have something going out.

If the client later wants you to manage more accounts you just need to connect these new accounts to their existing library. With other tools, you need to update every single post, which is just a waste of time.

Also, you can create libraries with content that is applicable to every client in that niche As soon as you get a client just connect their accounts to a few of these libraries and they will start getting posts instantly. Now that will make you stand out.

Do you think this makes your job easier? Mind you, we have the basics covered where you can simply schedule something for a future time. But our specialty is the way we manage evergreen content.