Interesting marketing problem with company YouTube channel – external views cannibalising search performance?

Hi there,

I’ve got an interesting marketing problem to solve and I’m curious to get thoughts. I work for an EdTech who produce lots of high-quality video content to be consumed by paid users on the website – revision videos, solution videos etc as part of the overall service.

Part of the idea to market the service was to make the most recent ones available for free on YouTube as well, so that users might come across the limited but high-quality content which directs them towards the service and they can pay to access the full library etc.

The videos are embedded in a player by subject matter on our website and are hosted on YouTube. So a sample of the content is public and the rest is unlisted. However, this is not working as planned. Despite the good view count on these videos from the embed on our website, YouTube seems to be totally opposed to showing these in YouTube search results.

So at present when I look at a single video about 90%+ of the view count is from embedded plays on our website, from users naturally using our service. However, I suspect YouTube is sceptical of this type of video and as a result is simply not showing these videos in search results despite our channel being reputable, the videos being of high quality .

Our other videos that are freely available but not part of revision content perform fine and appear in search results well.

Can anyone confirm this is the issue or has anyone run into this kind of problem before?

Thanks in advance!