I want to start a content marketing agency and need some help determining the right pricing model

Hey all,

I’ve been an affiliate marketer and a content marketer for the past 6 years.

That allowed me to learn a lot about the industry and know the pains as well as the market gaps.

Recently, I came up with an idea to start a content marketing agency that offers a very specific graphic service. Let’s say that it improves/optimizes website content visually, thus making a website article more credible and visually appealing.

I asked several peers if they would be happy to pay for such a service if it existed, and they said yes.

**NB**: I’m a complete newbie when it comes to creating and running a digital agency.

To create a small portfolio and do tests, I started by optimizing my own websites. Then I did the same with the website of 3 friends of mine.

I did some of the work myself, but since I’m not a skilled graphic designer, I decided it would be best to hire someone to do the visual part of the optimization.

So I started testing freelancers. I mostly used Fiverr until now.

I ended up working with some freelancers that did a really great job.

At this sage, my main issue is determining the right pricing model because right now, the cost of optimizing an article is $40 on average. This is what I pay to freelancers. They charge per gig, which becomes costly.

So I’m thinking about a viable way to reduce that cost in order to be able to both decrease the final selling price of the service and keep a profitable margin for myself. Of course, the quality should stay intact.

The ideas that I have on mind:

* look for a freelancer that would be interested to work with me in the long run and offer him less money in exchange for a consistent ongoing work with huge potential of pay increase in the following months
* Find a co-founder that has the right skills and start working with him – he will do the content optimization work, I will do everything marketing related. We charge, let’s say, $75 per article and split profits 50/50. That would eliminate the need of paying a freelancer on a per-project basis.

Truth is, I really don’t know how much to charge for such a service, and one of the reasons is that such a service doesn’t exist. So I don’t know what potential customers would pay for that. What I know is that there’s a demand.

I also know nothing about pricing strategies and determining profit margins and markups.

Any thoughts and advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks! 🙂