How Twitter DMs can help you in marketing?

We have researched a lot of things on Twitter and we found multiple ways to reach out to our customers using Twitter DMs. Here are three ways that Twitter DMs can help you in marketing for any kind of business:

**1. Create a personal connection with customers:** With DMs, you can communicate directly with the people who matter most! Your customers! You can use them to ask questions and get feedback from potential buyers or loyal customers, or even just send thank-you messages when they follow up on an order or make a purchase.

**2. Share exclusive offers and discounts with select customers**: If there’s something special going on at your company like a summer sale, promotion, good friday sale or new product launch, you can use direct messages to let certain loyal customers know about it first! This can help build relationships with loyal customers while also attracting new ones who want access to special deals and promotions only available through direct messages on Twitter itself!

**3. Reach out to influencers who are relevant to your business:** If you want more customers, then it’s important that you build relationships with influencers who have high follower counts themselves. These influencers are often happy when brands reach out to them about sponsoring their relevant content or simply sharing their story with their audience. By following influencers and engaging with them using Twitter DMs, it will be easier for them to notice you and eventually share your content with their audience which will result in more followers for you!

All these things will not be difficult, use social media analytics tools to target your audiences! Loyal ones or haters! Use data analytics to find out who talks positive or negative about you, send DMs them accordingly. Convocean will help you out here from targeting your audience to send them DMs together by using their bulk DMs feature!

Hope these ways will help you out in your new marketing strategy sooner! Add any other tips in comments if you have any!