Here’s What Happened On Social Media Last Week (Marketer’s Edition)


* Google releases Ads editor version 2.1 with 10+ new features.
* Google Search Console Insights now support Google Analytics 4.
* Google launches diagnostic insights for Performance Max Campaigns.
* Google Clarifies Course structure data requirement.
* Google merchant Center auto-tagging now supported on all shopping experiences.
* New Improved Google Ads Targeting Options are available in Google Ads


* Tiktok “Follow Me” event is here. SMBs and Marketers can learn more about Tiktok for free.
* TikTok is testing ability to restrict live streams to viewers.
* Tiktok reportedly dropped plans of expanding shops to US & Europe after launch in UK fails!


* Instagram expands access to reels templates, Add new music and much more.
* Instagram is working on a new close friends feature adding direct lists of close-fri new to chats.


* Elon musk says he is terminating $44bn Twitter Deal.
* Twitter’s newsletter platform “Revue” is down from Friday night.
* Twitter announces CoTweets, collaborative tweets for creators.
* Twitter lays off 30% of its talent acquisition team.


* Meta is dumping Facebook Logins for Metaverse, Plans to launch Metaverse IDs in few months.
* Meta takes against data scraping that occurs on platform.
* Meta adds 200 languages to the AI to provide better experience in Metaverse.

##YouTube & Pinterest:

* YouTube launches Updated Shorts analytics with two new features.
* Pinterest launched 4 new Shopping features showing more focus on e-commerce.
* Pinterest will provide employees more flexibility with their ‘Pinflex’ incentive program.
* Pinterest expands Idea Pin Ads to Argentina, Colombia and Chile.


* Microsoft Advertising launched Automatic updates for Shopping campaigns and much more!
* Amazon unleashes Influencers for Prime Day.
* RadioShack is in headlines with CMO going crazy with negative tweets.


* Reddit launches Collectible Avatars , biggest NFT project of all time and the platform doesn’t want to call them NFTs.
* Reddit Post Insights are now available on mobile for some users . Do you have it?

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