Does Social Media Organic Reach actually exist?

First post here and I’d appreciate your thoughts!

I’m trying to build up an online language teaching business from nothing, and I’ve had a dabble with trying to get followers on Facebook and Twitter this week. With Facebook, it seemed there was nothing I can do to get people to follow my new page. Twitter has given me scraps of followers, but similar to Facebook.

So I thought I’d have a go at a paid Facebook ad. In my paid post, I asked people to like my Facebook page. I have 300 reactions to my post so far, which was nice – but all of them did the opposite of what I asked them to do – they liked the post, but not the page!!

But the fact that I could pay for hundreds to see my post, yet virtually no-one sees my posts otherwise, makes me wonder:

– Is organic reach on SM now a complete myth?

– Does all SM following have to be paid for, or obtained through other activities?

– Or are there other SM platforms where organic reach still really happens?