Do I really need one-year of experience before I apply to senior media planner roles?

Hi, there! Do I really need one-year of experience before moving up?

I am an associate media planner at a big, major agency. I don’t have a huge, insane workload, and the work-load is sporadic at-best, coming in ebbs-and-flows. I don’t mind it, but I do wish that at the associate level, I’d have more job tasks and responsibilities. I also realize that I just haven’t been in the media world long enough, I’m only 4-months in my tenure, but worked in the marketing and various agencies before this path, prior, which I’ve listed on my resume.

A couple of weeks ago, I was just casually browsing and got myself an interview as a senior associate, media planner for a competitor agency. In the media world, there are 6-major holding companies and conglomerates, so it’s common-place to jump and criss-cross, boomerang, etc.

Long story short, I got myself an interview to this company, and for a higher role and salary title then I’m currently making.

On one hand, I’m excited about the new opportunity, to move up, and learn more and be exposed to higher-level thinking, instead of vendor notes, pitches, etc. But on the other, I know I’m still relatively junior, and fear I might be moving up too fast, too quickly. What if they ask me for a task and I’m unsure how to do it. In media, much of our work is application-heavy and task-focused, so if you don’t know, you figure it out, but also, there’s not much time to learn. Presumably, at the senior associate level, you have some understanding, more deeply about how the agency operates.

I’m inclined to interview just to see and keep fresh, and as I’m a great interviewer, know I can probably speak to my current role very well. But also want to be cognizant of my future. Obviously, it’s a great company, with equal footing and ranking as my own currently, and on a better account, which I know I would enjoy, but aside from team, client, and work environment/culture, what are some other things I should suss out in my job interview?

TLDR: **Can anyone in media tell me if I really need that minimum one-year experience before jumping ship? On one hand, I consider this just a lateral move from my previous post, I was a manager. But on the other, I am relatively new to media.**