Demotivated to continue…

I was brought in to manage a partner about a year ago. I have recently found out I’m about to be transitioned out of this role and told I will be given a new set of activities to manage after this transition occurs at some undetermined point in the future .

I am swamped. I have been single threaded and responsible for all of my output this quarter. I have been beset with delays from no one working any of my content while on vacation, being sick with COVID, having to cover for employees who quit, on-boarding other people in our department and the level of output I’m expected to bear is breaking me.

I don’t have the mental bandwidth to support all of this and they’re citing pulling me off of the account as something I requested due to stress.

I would be fine if it were just that, but the lack of messaging about what comes after I transition to a new role feels problematic as their silence over my new role feels like I’m being prepared for an exit .

I feel like I would have been in a different position had I been onboarded better or supported better, but we went through a complete overhaul of our department earlier this year and I was the only person who was still here when that occurred.

What would you guys do?

I’m brushing my resume off and getting myself back out there before this turns into me being unemployed, but how do you guys deal with being stuck in a role that you’re not going to have, but stuck inside of having to pretend as though everything is copacetic?