Marketing a Freelance Illustrator

Hey everyone.

I’m a digital marketer and freelance SEO copywriter, but I’m a bit stumped as to how to support a friend.

I have a friend who’s an extremely talented digital artist, she can replicate images in her own style, develop new images, and also covers a lot of graphic design stuff.

She started to build a website but lost herself while building it and now doesn’t feel like doing anything with her illustration business.

In terms of services, I’ve tried for weeks to come up with a list of keywords that I can use to help come up with some website copy, but we’re both just a bit lost in this space.

I’ve predominantly worked in B2B or SEO copy in subjects like education, healthcare – never anything like illustration or digital art.

It’s a long shot… but if anyone’s got a bit of advice on marketing a freelance illustrator, or has worked with an artist or illustrator previously?



So done with Instagram

I’m at my wits end with Instagram. My engagement used to be phenomenal, consistent, and personal brand profile looking great. Now I literally can’t reach 10% of my following. I absolutely cannot stand reels. I have tried my best to do what used to work well, change things up, try different suggestions, I’ve even tried the posting a reel every day for so many days but they just tank and hardly get any engagement whatsoever on pictures, videos, or reels anymore. Unfortunately it’s my main platform and annoyingly I never put the time into growing other platforms as I didn’t think instagram would turn to absolute trash.

Anyway, sorry about the rant. I’m just sick and tired of instagram and their ever changing updates. Are there any other suggestions on how to bring back engagement and reach? I literally had it down until recently.


I’m navigating into marketing after completing a journalism degree. Folks that have made similar jumps, what should I bear in mind regarding similarities and differences between the two spaces? Or even just input on being new to the field.

I didn’t really have room for detail in the title, so I’ll drop it here. I love to write, which is how I ended up in journalism after doing well on the school paper in high school. Through the course of my education, I learned about myself that while journalism was a solid medium, it was really writing in general that I latched onto.

I’m having a 3rd interview with a company, the first in-person one, on Wednesday which tells me that my adjacent skills from journalism are appealing enough to get me into this position, which I have to say is a decent confidence boost.

That said, this will be a brand new space to me. It’s one I’m interested in participating in as it allows a lot more of my creative writing side to exist in a professional capacity, but all my experience is loosely-related. I’ve told my interviewers as much as well. That there will need to be some on-the-job learning, but I’m happy to go through it to give me a real career path, and they seemed to respond well to the honesty.

Because this will be a brand new space for me, while I’m trying to not put the cart before the horse since I’m still being interviewed, I figured I should get a head-start and talk to people with more experience and figure out what I need to let go of or bear in mind as someone who is a competent writer but in a very specific type of writing different than what will be expected of me.

Any insights at all on being new to the field would be delightful. What were your experiences when this was brand new to you as well, and did you have any hurdles to overcome that might make my own process easier to be aware of them?

I hope this is specific enough to not violate rule 8. Forgive me if this isn’t the case. Thank you all for giving a peek!

I’m not entirely sure it’ll be relevant, but this’ll be for an associate-level position that seemed fairly entry-level with a 50k salary. The interviewer told me that the low cap made a lot of folks turn down the position, but 50k is a lot for me, so using this or a similar position elsewhere as a launchpad into the field feels like a good move career-wise.


Claim Facebook page with no current admin

Trying to claim a Facebook business page that currently doesn’t have an owner or admin according to the page details. It was created in 2010. The previous owner of actual business is like 80 and has no recollection of creating it, doesn’t even have an email address. The phone number on the page is wrong and tons of stuff is outdated. We just want to get in there to start making posts, sharing correct info, events, etc.

Does anyone have luck creating a net new page and then flagging the existing one as a dupe? Will the previous tags come to the new account? We don’t want to loose the old stuff .

I’ve googled my brains out! Tia!


Instagram, don’t let the same thing happen to you as Facebook…

Due to the changes that Instagram is going through I consider making a kind of backup with an e-mail list of my audience, from here arises my question: should I have a complete website to collect this information?

Or do I only need a landing page?

Or a newsletter?

My goal is to be forewarned in case the same thing happens to Instagram that happened to Facebook several years ago, a drastic drop in organic reach.

What I want is that, whatever happens to social media in general, to be able to have contact with my audience.

What do you recommend me to do? I am open to suggestions.


How Brands are Making Millions Off Tiktok: A Guide To TikTok Marketing In 2022

I have consulted with Top DTC Brands and Businesses to help them with Social Media. Here’s how Top Brands are using TikTok to generate more brand awareness and sales.

##Beginning with TikTok Ads

TikTok is a trending platform, it’s in a growth bubble. In this stage, TikTok Ads can generate a lot of word-of-mouth more than other social media platforms. A current Tiktok Ads report Show that Users on Tiktok are 37% more likely to purchase than other platform users.

Here’s how to get the most out of Tiktok Ads!

1. Dropping Cost Cap

With TikTok Ads, you need to first test your Ad sets like Facebook or Google Ads. To figure out your best CPA with current demographics.

When you have found the best Ad set, run an Ad with Accelerated Budget like $1k. Then, lower your Cost Cap to the lowest possible means at a rate where your Ad can run!

What will happen? With this Tiktok will try to spend as low as possible and deliver the same results.

This works very well but sometimes Ads stop due to really low CPA setup. Then, try to raise CPA by a little budget raise!

2. Why Keeping CPM low on Tiktok is the best strategy?

It’s because of the audience definition. It’s a growing platform and the new users are joining and they have undefined interests that algorithm might not have defined. This happens with most platforms in the beginning. That’s the reason most of the advertisers in the beginning got the best results in the beginning of Facebook, Instagram and major platforms.

Setting a low CPM is not a bad idea and it generates more brand awareness.

When your Average Ad CPM starts to rise, you should try to create a brand new pixel and switch the old one. This worked for us and it’s a great tactic.

3. Never download and run Videos by creators about your brand as Ads

The best process is to reach out to the creator about using the Content and use Spark Ads to get the most out of the organic reach and paid Ad Spending. Uploading creative from your own Tiktok Account or your partnered influencers is the best thing to do to get more out of Spark Ads!

##UGC Content That Works

1. You need to train Creators about your content formats. It seems like a small world when reaching out creators, until you talk to them and realise they don’t have the trends and products on their feed that you want them to create content for that’s why you need to train them.

Train them what? You have done your market research and know your audience and competitors. The creator is unknown it’s them. That’s why, You need to guide the creators about your competitors and content formats supposed to go viral.

I recommend creating an influencer Kit to help the creator with Content creation for you.

4. Angles and timelines, to get more out of one-piece of UGC content. Edit the Content in capcut or any desired editor. Have at least more than 2 version of Ad with same content with slight change in transitions or timelines.

5. Don’t ask Creators to replicate their most viral piece of content because that might not work for you. Most of the time it looks not real and connecting to the audience.

6. Real UGC connects with Users with a storyline and copy that makes them buy. Storyline and copy is dependent on you, the tone of your story is in hands of creators.

Both need to have a positive approach!

##Organic Growth On Tiktok with No UGC

Achieving 1,000 mark on Tiktok is really important for anyone looking to sell something to the audience because you can’t add link in profile before reaching that milestone. Here’s how to reach your first 1k, 10k, and then 100k TikTok Followers!

1. Tiktok have a User-friendly Feed not creator-friendly: That means focus on CTAs. What I mean by not creator friendly is most users don’t leave a follow sometimes due to fast pace of the content and short attention span of users. That’s why focus on adding “Follow for more” or “watch next part” these type of CTAs in the end!

2. Consistency: Try to be more consistent with your content and build a consistent loop of content to hook people to follow you for a certain type of content.

You can study if a platform rewards consistency or not by looking at stage of Theme pages on Tiktok. Movie Theme-pages are growing everyday with a replica content. That means you will have an advantage because you have consistency + original content.

3. Using Hooks To Make People Stop and Watch!

You need to sound relatable to Gen-Z to make them follow you and buy your product. That’s why use Hooks that might make them stop. Here are few Hooks that worked for me and you can use them too!

1. I wanted to gatekeep this, but it’s too good not to share
2. My Toxic Trait is X and this X product fulfils it.
3. Name something you recently found and wish you knew earlier!
4. Here’s a lazy hack to get things down or another similar hook is how I get more done as a lazy designer or marketer .
5. I’m not gonna lie, this might be the best product on Amazon or Tiktok!
6. You may not know this but it’s actually possible!
7. Start with your hook with Why. It’s the most effective but you need to give an effective “Why” to make them stop!

Use any hook make it relatable with using a popular Hook format like one from above and that will make people watch!

Not this: “Stop scrolling” and “Stop this” or that! That doesn’t work and is annoying.

4. TikTok lives are a great way to grow followers and sell products!

It’s all about making them more interactive through guiding your audience to launch emojis and do this interactive action to connect with you.

These lives show randomly on many feeds and they are organic. It’s not limited to just your followers. That’s why try to go live more and more to gain new followers and build engaged following!

5. Adapt to Niches

When you are on Tiktok, you are not on just Tiktok. You are living on a part of Platform that’s unknown to other people. That’s why when creating content for a niche, you need to adapt to keywords and content style used in the content more often in your niche than others. It can be like your niche have content with words like sick and it’s not aligned, going viral. Then, you should adapt to those words to increase chances of going viral!

##Ending with Trends I have noticed with Tiktok

I have tracked Tiktok updates for a last 6 months. It’s going to be the best platform for DTC brands and e-commerce brands. The Chinese version of Tiktok is filled with product integrations that will make Tiktok the best when launched.

Apart from that, Tiktok have launched many new tools for advertisers like Attribution manager for Tiktok Ads and Creative Tools to help advertisers find trending content on Tiktok within their niches with a single search.

I hope you liked this TikTok Guide, can’t call it a guide. I tried to keep it short and valuable. **If you found it valuable, You can follow me on Reddit. Your follow is the best support!**


Advice: New higher paying job OR job with room for growth/connections?

If you had to decide, what would you choose?

1) A new, fully remote job that will pay you twice as much to focus on your speciality with flexible hours and the ability to work with clients from top companies all over the world, but there’s the risk of being a new hire heading into a recession.


2) Sticking with a current job as a marketing supervisor that involves constantly doing the work of 2+ people, pays well under market rate , and likely won’t pay much more for many years but with a lot of room for promotion, a lot of networking opportunities with important people in the local community, and a new boss who is open to mentoring you.


Tiktok and reel ideas

Hi, I work at a small business and we utilize Instagram a lot we done influencer marketing and all that. We done reels showing before and after, products, what are place looks like and what not.

Now, I want to add funny content but educational and I bring the idea to some of the coworkers they like but when I said I would need them participate in the video they said they just don’t feel like or that they are feeling ugly aka no makeup or just feel fat . I can make reels and tiktok by myself but some ideas I have require another actress to make it entertaining.

What would you guys do?


how do you grow your salary in marketing?

Is it specializing in one area, and then having general knowledge of everything else? And then growing in experience in the specialized one area and general knowledge of everything?

Or it it mastering one channel, then another channel, another skill, and then focusing on some soft skill, and then learning another channel, etc? And then just getting to a point where you’re highly competent in all the marketing channels and skills?

Or are you supposed to look at job descriptions and target the next job up that requires more experience, and then you work towards getting that experience and skills in your current job, and then jumping into that next level role once you’ve got the qualifications, and then rinse and repeat?

What is the best way to grow your salary as fast and as much as possible in marketing or in business?


Help with paid marketing

We run a second hand store with few other entrepreneurs and I am in charge of marketing mostly. I am from Finland. I know this is pretty basics, but I am still a bba student so I just don’t know everything about effective paid marketing .

My question basically is that how can I get lot of people from my area to see the ad? I have tried Meta but I think they havent been as effective as they could be. We need customers to our site to reserve a spot for theirselves to sell their clothes . I mean, I am not sure am I doing the technique right and I seem to struggle with what boxes I choose and not with the actual ad.

So could anyone share some very nice helpsite for doing paid meta ads or tell me some nice way to start to make ads that people actually see.

I have studied and done more campaigns and other type of marketing, this summer I had to start doing this, so all help welcome. No negative comments please <3