B2B consultancy wanna get our feet wet – how do we setup tracking? Assets inside…

Hi guys

We are a B2B consultancy selling custom digital solution and we also resell a few e-commerce systems.

Our sales/marketing efforts are almost 100% manual/physical. We have a few amazing sales reps who know that our new customers regularly take 1-3 years to close .


We want to reap the benefits of digital marketing, as our competitors are getting quite a bit ahead here.

Our dream:

* To know our CAC
* To monitor the customer journey
* To have a MVP-setup that allows us to do basic creative work using proven channels
* The ability to scale later.

Our current situation:

* We want to focus on LinkedIn, Google Ads and E-mail
* We’re experimenting with webinars and video as well – we consider this gated content
* We run a blog on our website. We have quality content but no strategy or direction on how to capitalize on this
* We have LinkedIn, Google , Facebook, a stellar website, Active Campaign for e-mails and a few other channels on lock
* We can do great creative work inhouse
* OUR CRM IS AN OLD PIECE OF SHIT SOFTWARE THAT WE CANNOT GET RID OF! Our salesteam isn’t ready for this… This is a great problem in my eyes.

Channels we are experimenting with:

* LinkedIn Ads
* Google Ads
* E-mail
* Blogging

Our greatest problem:

* We don’t really know how to connect all these things – do we need a CRM that integrates with all these different tools? Do we run shit through tag manager and google analytics?
* We are able to create good content, but in this day and age, we need to be able to track, monitor and score every prospect

What would be my next step? Do I need to find a CRM as the centerpiece for all our data?