Testers wanted for an SEO tool

Hey there! My name’s Bailey and I’m a software engineer. A few years ago I got into digital marketing and loved the work, unfortunately I didn’t get to pursue it full time since COVID dried up a lot of the projects I was working on. However my passion wasn’t deterred!

Since then I’ve built a set of SEO tools which I think are useful for small-medium sites, but haven’t been able to test or find out if they’re actually useful.

This is where you come in! There’s no fees, no strings attached, and no website access required, I just want to see if you find what I’ve built useful, if it works correctly, and suggestions for improvement that you might have.


On what platform do I run campaigns for the government?

I run a digital consultancy and I’ve recently been hired by the government to run a pre-election voters awareness campaign.

Now, due to security reason and such, they won’t let us run Ads on their social media pages. And besides occasionally posting updates on whatever gig we’re currently working on, we never run Ads for clients on our own platform. Is this a problem anyone else has encountered before ? And how would you suggest I deal with it?

There’s the obvious option of creating new handles/accounts but what will I do with them after the elections; let all that newly gained followership go to waste?


Thoughts on an offer from a competitor agency, after only 4-months in my current role?

Hi there, I have a few thoughts and ideas on my career path, that I thought this sub-reddit could help chime in with. Ultimately, I know the decision is something I have to choose, but I’d love this community’s input, if I may.

I currently work for a large media agency, under one of the big-6 holding companies. The way my current role is structured, I am an associate, in strategy, for the media planning team. I have been here since April of 2022, but have prior experience roles in agency-settings, as well as marketing. This is my first role in media though, so I am still learning.

Our team is quite small, and we are under-staffed, so we don’t currently have senior associates, and instead jumping into supervisors. Today, during our 1:1, my supervisor also mentioned leaving, and this being her last week, so I’ll only have one supervisor.

Our team is structured with three associates, two supervisors , an associate director, and a director.

I also just recently got an interview to a competitor holding company, under their agency. This would be for a senior media planner role, and would come with a boost in title, and salary, something that excites me. But I have no idea on their team, culture, or process, something that I’ll have to learn.

Questions I am curious about:

If an offer is extended, should I accept, despite liking my role now, for a higher-title and pay?

Can I move too quickly in advertising? Can everything needed to know about media and advertising be learnt on the job?

If I don’t get the offer for the competitor agency, how do I explain to my team and leadership that I would like to move into the senior associate role at my-current-now agency?

Is 4-months too early to jump-ship? How do I avoid burning bridges?


Transitioning into a marketing career


I have recently gotten involved in the Web3 space and I’m looking to get a career in it.

I have gotten 2 small jobs by being a community manager, and an influencer manager. Unrelated to Web3, my main job has been running a community for 6 years, including handling their social media, so compared to the average I have a lot of experience. And for influencer marketing, I have a big Twitter page so I guess I can be considered an influencer myself which gives me some credibility.

I’m trying to get a more serious job that is full-time and/or pays better. However, these two tasks are often related to overall marketing. If I could apply to marketing positions too, or at least be able to say that I also have a marketing background for the community/influencer positions, I think that would help me a great deal.

But I have no idea where to start. I’ve seen so many courses, including what’s on the sidebar, but it’s overwhelming and I’m not sure if my particular background should make me go in a particular direction.

Furthermore, even after I learn a lot about marketing, how can I leverage this when applying for positions? I can’t just say that I just did a bunch of random courses in the last few months, I’m not sure how to put myself in a position where I’m taken seriously.

I feel like have a good opportunity here but I just can’t seem to see how to go about it.

Any insight is appreciated
Thank you!


What are the highest paying positions in the digital marketing world?

I’ve been in marketing for a couple of years and am looking to level up my career in terms of skills/experience level, but primarily salary. So far I have been doing a really broad range of things from social media to building webpages to design to admin stuff – sort of a jack of all trades – and while my adaptability has made me pretty valued in my current role, it’s harder to sell to outsiders, and I’m ready to move on from my current role ASAP.

I’ve got a pretty analytical mindset and think I’d enjoy the more data heavy side of marketing, but I also really enjoy the creative side . I’ve been looking at Senior Marketing Specialist/Senior Digital Marketing Specialist roles, but again I don’t know if I should be specializing more.

So if salary is my highest priority right now, like I want to make *a lot* of money and preferably pretty soon, where should I be looking? What’s the quickest path to a six figure or higher salary in the marketing world?


Pricing option help for someone who’s never freelanced

Good evening! I’ve been working supply chain jobs and am interested in moving over to marketing in any way I can. So I’ve been learning Canva and Photoshop and have just been creating random pieces of media for fun.

Recently this Art + Music + Entertainment company followed me on Instagram and I DM’d them asking if they’re looking for someone to do their Instagram ads. I went to their most recent event and made 3 sample ads based on the vibes from the night. They ended up really liking my samples and would like to move forward with pricing options. They said they’d want to keep me on a retainer so they can crank out a few ads per event.

I am very new to this. I have no idea how pricing in this industry is done or protocol because I’ve only had a 9-5 set salary. For me, since I have no experience in this field I was just going to ask for $50/ad and maybe 4-5 free tickets per event. Since they’re asking for a retainer, what do you believe is a fair amount to ask?


Migrating to Google Analytics 4 from Google Universal Analytics

With just about a year left before UA goes away, I suppose its time for me to migrate my sites so that I can build up a years worth of data.

For context I manage about a dozen or so sites some public facing, some behind an authentication wall and some which are mainly internal company tools. Most of the sites I manage don’t sell anything or participate in any marketing/email/ad campaigns.

My sites use of GA is very basic, I mainly get asked about pageviews, what pages are popular and traffic patterns. I don’t have any custom events or on page actions to worry about.

Ideally I’d like to keep the current UA tag so that my years of historical data continues to get fresh data added while we fully transition away. I also secretly suspect that the UA deadline will be extended.

In setting up the new property I’m given the option of adding a new analytics code to the head tag of my site or I can apparently use my existing tag and link the old and new property in the background.

My intuition says I should just add the new code/tag and in a year or so remove the original UA tag rather than rely on the backend integration between the properties. I suspect this would have some minor performance penalty / affect my lighthouse score, but in the grand scheme I’m not worried about it.

Has anyone gone through this? Any issues running both side by side? General feelings about the new GA4 tool? I haven’t heard great things, but its been awhile since I last looked into it.


Suddenly very high (30x) CPCs for a long term FB Ad campaign

Hey everyone,

In my Facebook Ad account i got a few CPC campaigns, all targets very large audiences on both instagram/facebook to promote articles on our web site. I’ve been using them like this with sometimes minor, and sometimes major changes.

I was usually getting 0.10-0.15₺ CPC and it’s been going like that for very long time. Yesterday, i increased their daily budget for a small amount and today CPCs hanging around 2,5-3,5₺. It’s really weird and i’ve never experienced something similar.

I checked change log and didn’t see anything besides my little budget adjustment.

Anyone experienced something similar or have any idea?

Thanks a lot.


[Offer] Free written content for your brand — in exchange for your feedback!

Hi there — I’m developing a tool that creates compelling, conversion-optimized short posts that can be used in Instagram posts/ads, blogs, Twitter posts/ads, etc.

The system uses AI with human oversight to ensure the copy is high quality and unique.

I’d love to create a few written samples for your brand, in exchange for your feedback so I can improve the tool. Totally free and no risk to you — just trying to build a product people love and need some input from potential customers.

If interested, please DM me!

Also if you’re curious, here’s a sample I generated for a fitness app:

>**How to make exercise fun**
>Many people view exercise as a chore, something they have to do to stay healthy. However, it doesn’t have to be this way! There are plenty of ways to make exercise fun. Here are a few ideas:

1. Find a workout buddy. Having someone to workout with can make the time fly by and make it more enjoyable.
2. Make it a social event. Invite friends over for a fitness party or join a local sports league.
3. Turn up the music. Create a high-energy playlist to get you pumped up for your workout.
4. Change things up. Keep your body and your mind guessing by trying new activities and exercises.
5. Set goals. Having something to work towards can help to make exercise more fun and rewarding.

>So don’t dread your next workout, look forward to it! With a few simple changes, you can make exercise fun.
>Download $appname to get access to free video exercise sessions!


Targeting legilsators?

We all know Facebook has cracked down on social/political issue advertising. I’ve explained many, many times how it’s virtually impossible to target policymakers directly, but long story short, I’m working on providing some options and want to make sure I’m not overlooking anything – or have something wrong!

Right now, I’m primarily recommending geotargeting their district offices as well as the state house as an area they frequent/are interested in.

I know that Twitter offers custom audiences, but that’s limited to users who have already opted in to receive your communications – just like Facebook – right?