So I’ve been a Social Media Manager for a brand for the past 9 months. The first few months I started our engagement rate was up +450% almost weekly and we’ve stayed in the green ever since.

We started with around 5,000 followers and recently went nationwide into grocery stores in March and we’re now at 7,000 followers. Which I think is great as they’re all organic. However my boss is all about vanity metrics and wants us to hit 15k by July. Granted I’m doing everything I can by constantly creating Reels which do great as well as utilize Pinterest and TikTok. One of our videos even hit 1.4M views on TikTok and that still didn’t get us a ton of followers.

I know numbers are just for vanity metrics and lots of other accounts buy their followers. But is there any secret to growing more followers organically? I see so many “social media management” companies who claim instant success for their clients but I just feel like I’m doing everything possible and it’s still not gonna be enough if I don’t get to 15K.

We’ve also done lots of influencer collabs and giveaways and I just feel like Instagram has tanked so much in growth for so many accounts lately. Even influencers with 30K followers barely hit 200 likes on a post anymore.

Any advice? I’m literally the entire marketing team and we don’t really do any ads.