Reporting, help! I’m stuck!

Hi all,

I’m a fairly new digital marketing apprentice at a company who don’t know what digital marketing is and how it will benefit their business.

My apprenticeship assessor isn’t actually skilled in digital marketing either, so asking them for help has been useless.

I’ve done a various amount of online courses but I’m struggling with the aspect of reporting.

To be honest my manager never asks for reports from me, but I feel really silly not doing something, so I put together our content, growth and engagement each week for paid and organic campaigns for each social media platform, google and email.

When reading other digital marketers work I feel like I’m doing it wrong, and would love to know if you have any pointers for how to report and how I should lay this out. I really want to grow within this job despite the odds being stacked against me.

Any help would be really appreciated!

Thanks 🙂


does it still count as “multiple separate entries” if the items all have the same barcode?

i really hope my explanations make sense and i’m able to explain what i’m really enquiring about. if not, pls feel free to ask for clarification in the comments.

i’m entering a random draw competition that has the following terms and conditions.
1. purchase any 2 Vaseline products and dial , and follow the prompts to enter the last 4 digits of the product barcode
2. Entrants can enter as many times as they like, subject to each entry being linked to a separate purchase which the Promoter may verify through the product specific barcode and corresponding till slip.

i bought multiple pairs of the products in an attempt to higher my chances of winning but i forgot to take into account that barcode numbers are not unique to every individual item, they are unique to the TYPE of item. so now i have multiple pairs with items that have the same barcodes. Obviously the pairs have different barcode numbers because one product is a, for example, petroleum jelly while the other is a body lotion.

here are my questions:
1. will whatever system they use to track the entries consider my entries multiple entries or will it just view them as duplicates because i’m entering using the same barcode numbers?

2. how do they track whether it’s multiple purchases if all the products have the same barcode? does it even matter?

3. can i just keep entering as much as i like with the same two products ?

4. do they track purchase on till slip in another way other than the barcode? because it seems a bit redundant to state that entrants have to make separate purchases when you won’t even be able to tell.


How much do all the social media accounts pay?? FB/IG/TIKTOK/YOUTUBE?

I’m over here sitting on FB’s meta creator tool and they’re not very upfront about earnings. Can someone help me to understand the below? Metrics/any data on what you’ve experienced would be helpful. I know they keep changing stuff. Hopefully others benefit from this too.

Can anyone give me a gist of the following?

1. On YouTube, how many subs/views do you have to hit to start getting $? And how much do they pay?
2. On FB, I heard you can also make good money on video type of content. How many views = how much $$?
3. TikTok – how much are folks getting paid there?
4. Twitter – can you make money on Twitter?
5. IG – how much are they paying?

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