Automation In Marketing

## How Does Marketing Automation Change the Way We Measure the Success of Our Marketing Campaigns?

In the past, marketing campaigns were successful if they resulted in a high number of sales or leads. However, with the advent of marketing automation, we can now measure the success of our marketing campaigns in a number of different ways.

For example, we can track the number of people who open our emails, click on our links, or unsubscribe from our list. We can also track how many people visit our website, fill out a form, or make a purchase.

By tracking these metrics, we can see which campaigns are more effective and adjust our strategy accordingly.

## How to Measure the Success of Your Marketing Campaigns Using Marketing Automation

There are a number of different metrics you can use to measure the success of your marketing campaigns. The most important metric is usually sales, but you can also track leads, website traffic, form submissions, and email opens and clicks.

1. Sales: This is the most important metric for measuring the success of your marketing campaigns. If your campaign doesn’t result in any sales, it’s not successful.

2. Leads: A lead is a person who has shown interest in your product or service. They may have visited your website, subscribed to your email list, or fill out a form.

3. Website Traffic: This metric measures how many people have visited your website as a result of your marketing campaign.

4. Form Submissions: If you’re using forms to collect leads, this metric measures how many people have submitted them.

5. Email Opens and Clicks: If you’re sending emails as part of your marketing campaign, you can track how many people open them and click on the links inside.

By tracking these metrics, you can get a better understanding of which marketing campaigns are working and which ones aren’t. You can then adjust your strategy accordingly to improve your results.

## Why Marketing Automation Is Essential for Today’s Businesses

Marketing automation is essential for businesses today because it allows you to track and measure the success of your marketing campaigns. It also allows you to automate repetitive tasks so that you can focus on more important things.

If you’re not using marketing automation, you’re missing out on a powerful tool that can help you grow your business.


Any good recommendation if I would like to learn digital marketing?

HI.I have a question and tks for your ideas first.

I started my digital marketing journey about 2 years ago when a pandemic happened.I first worked as an influencer marketing and I did some Facebook ads before. Then when I joined this company, I became a branding manager doing Shopify selling products. We have a team of SEO and google ads to manage the business. But I would like to learn digital marketing systemically and in the future when I run a new brand or new business, I could know exactly what I should do and where I should start.

If you had a good recommendation, please let me know. What kind of free digital course I should go to in 2022. Paid one is cool too but within budget of $300.tks


Do I really need one-year of experience before I apply to senior media planner roles?

Hi, there! Do I really need one-year of experience before moving up?

I am an associate media planner at a big, major agency. I don’t have a huge, insane workload, and the work-load is sporadic at-best, coming in ebbs-and-flows. I don’t mind it, but I do wish that at the associate level, I’d have more job tasks and responsibilities. I also realize that I just haven’t been in the media world long enough, I’m only 4-months in my tenure, but worked in the marketing and various agencies before this path, prior, which I’ve listed on my resume.

A couple of weeks ago, I was just casually browsing and got myself an interview as a senior associate, media planner for a competitor agency. In the media world, there are 6-major holding companies and conglomerates, so it’s common-place to jump and criss-cross, boomerang, etc.

Long story short, I got myself an interview to this company, and for a higher role and salary title then I’m currently making.

On one hand, I’m excited about the new opportunity, to move up, and learn more and be exposed to higher-level thinking, instead of vendor notes, pitches, etc. But on the other, I know I’m still relatively junior, and fear I might be moving up too fast, too quickly. What if they ask me for a task and I’m unsure how to do it. In media, much of our work is application-heavy and task-focused, so if you don’t know, you figure it out, but also, there’s not much time to learn. Presumably, at the senior associate level, you have some understanding, more deeply about how the agency operates.

I’m inclined to interview just to see and keep fresh, and as I’m a great interviewer, know I can probably speak to my current role very well. But also want to be cognizant of my future. Obviously, it’s a great company, with equal footing and ranking as my own currently, and on a better account, which I know I would enjoy, but aside from team, client, and work environment/culture, what are some other things I should suss out in my job interview?

TLDR: **Can anyone in media tell me if I really need that minimum one-year experience before jumping ship? On one hand, I consider this just a lateral move from my previous post, I was a manager. But on the other, I am relatively new to media.**


Am I Getting Underpaid At My Agency?

So, I’ve been working with a marketing agency for the past few months doing pretty consistent full time work. Since it was a pretty new company, its been somewhat sloppy and a work in progress, but we’ve been bringing in bigger and bigger clients, so i cant really complain.

However, my clients have pointed out that they think my pay vs what goes to the agency is rather low. The deal we have worked out now is I take 33% of whatever the client pays each week.

Is this low, average, or what?

Keep in mind I do ALL of my work, literally all. The only time the agency has any interaction is to ask if they’ve paid yet and that’s about it.


Slack With Your Agency Clients

Anybody at agencies forced to use Slack for client communications?

An agency I’m freelancing with is making me do this and I’m terrified that it will provide an expectation of always being available. I love Slack for internal communication, but would prefer to use email and/or Zoom with the client. Even a task management tool like Asana would be fine. The Slack instance is unpaid too, which means records/approvals/etc. can get lost after a few weeks.

I literally only have ~3-5 hours per week to work on this account and don’t want it taken up chit-chatting over Slack. Has anybody used Slack with their clients and had a positive result? Is this basically the new standard that I need to adapt to?


I want to start a content marketing agency and need some help determining the right pricing model

Hey all,

I’ve been an affiliate marketer and a content marketer for the past 6 years.

That allowed me to learn a lot about the industry and know the pains as well as the market gaps.

Recently, I came up with an idea to start a content marketing agency that offers a very specific graphic service. Let’s say that it improves/optimizes website content visually, thus making a website article more credible and visually appealing.

I asked several peers if they would be happy to pay for such a service if it existed, and they said yes.

**NB**: I’m a complete newbie when it comes to creating and running a digital agency.

To create a small portfolio and do tests, I started by optimizing my own websites. Then I did the same with the website of 3 friends of mine.

I did some of the work myself, but since I’m not a skilled graphic designer, I decided it would be best to hire someone to do the visual part of the optimization.

So I started testing freelancers. I mostly used Fiverr until now.

I ended up working with some freelancers that did a really great job.

At this sage, my main issue is determining the right pricing model because right now, the cost of optimizing an article is $40 on average. This is what I pay to freelancers. They charge per gig, which becomes costly.

So I’m thinking about a viable way to reduce that cost in order to be able to both decrease the final selling price of the service and keep a profitable margin for myself. Of course, the quality should stay intact.

The ideas that I have on mind:

* look for a freelancer that would be interested to work with me in the long run and offer him less money in exchange for a consistent ongoing work with huge potential of pay increase in the following months
* Find a co-founder that has the right skills and start working with him – he will do the content optimization work, I will do everything marketing related. We charge, let’s say, $75 per article and split profits 50/50. That would eliminate the need of paying a freelancer on a per-project basis.

Truth is, I really don’t know how much to charge for such a service, and one of the reasons is that such a service doesn’t exist. So I don’t know what potential customers would pay for that. What I know is that there’s a demand.

I also know nothing about pricing strategies and determining profit margins and markups.

Any thoughts and advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks! 🙂


B2B consultancy wanna get our feet wet – how do we setup tracking? Assets inside…

Hi guys

We are a B2B consultancy selling custom digital solution and we also resell a few e-commerce systems.

Our sales/marketing efforts are almost 100% manual/physical. We have a few amazing sales reps who know that our new customers regularly take 1-3 years to close .


We want to reap the benefits of digital marketing, as our competitors are getting quite a bit ahead here.

Our dream:

* To know our CAC
* To monitor the customer journey
* To have a MVP-setup that allows us to do basic creative work using proven channels
* The ability to scale later.

Our current situation:

* We want to focus on LinkedIn, Google Ads and E-mail
* We’re experimenting with webinars and video as well – we consider this gated content
* We run a blog on our website. We have quality content but no strategy or direction on how to capitalize on this
* We have LinkedIn, Google , Facebook, a stellar website, Active Campaign for e-mails and a few other channels on lock
* We can do great creative work inhouse
* OUR CRM IS AN OLD PIECE OF SHIT SOFTWARE THAT WE CANNOT GET RID OF! Our salesteam isn’t ready for this… This is a great problem in my eyes.

Channels we are experimenting with:

* LinkedIn Ads
* Google Ads
* E-mail
* Blogging

Our greatest problem:

* We don’t really know how to connect all these things – do we need a CRM that integrates with all these different tools? Do we run shit through tag manager and google analytics?
* We are able to create good content, but in this day and age, we need to be able to track, monitor and score every prospect

What would be my next step? Do I need to find a CRM as the centerpiece for all our data?


Testers wanted for an SEO tool

Hey there! My name’s Bailey and I’m a software engineer. A few years ago I got into digital marketing and loved the work, unfortunately I didn’t get to pursue it full time since COVID dried up a lot of the projects I was working on. However my passion wasn’t deterred!

Since then I’ve built a set of SEO tools which I think are useful for small-medium sites, but haven’t been able to test or find out if they’re actually useful.

This is where you come in! There’s no fees, no strings attached, and no website access required, I just want to see if you find what I’ve built useful, if it works correctly, and suggestions for improvement that you might have.


On what platform do I run campaigns for the government?

I run a digital consultancy and I’ve recently been hired by the government to run a pre-election voters awareness campaign.

Now, due to security reason and such, they won’t let us run Ads on their social media pages. And besides occasionally posting updates on whatever gig we’re currently working on, we never run Ads for clients on our own platform. Is this a problem anyone else has encountered before ? And how would you suggest I deal with it?

There’s the obvious option of creating new handles/accounts but what will I do with them after the elections; let all that newly gained followership go to waste?


Thoughts on an offer from a competitor agency, after only 4-months in my current role?

Hi there, I have a few thoughts and ideas on my career path, that I thought this sub-reddit could help chime in with. Ultimately, I know the decision is something I have to choose, but I’d love this community’s input, if I may.

I currently work for a large media agency, under one of the big-6 holding companies. The way my current role is structured, I am an associate, in strategy, for the media planning team. I have been here since April of 2022, but have prior experience roles in agency-settings, as well as marketing. This is my first role in media though, so I am still learning.

Our team is quite small, and we are under-staffed, so we don’t currently have senior associates, and instead jumping into supervisors. Today, during our 1:1, my supervisor also mentioned leaving, and this being her last week, so I’ll only have one supervisor.

Our team is structured with three associates, two supervisors , an associate director, and a director.

I also just recently got an interview to a competitor holding company, under their agency. This would be for a senior media planner role, and would come with a boost in title, and salary, something that excites me. But I have no idea on their team, culture, or process, something that I’ll have to learn.

Questions I am curious about:

If an offer is extended, should I accept, despite liking my role now, for a higher-title and pay?

Can I move too quickly in advertising? Can everything needed to know about media and advertising be learnt on the job?

If I don’t get the offer for the competitor agency, how do I explain to my team and leadership that I would like to move into the senior associate role at my-current-now agency?

Is 4-months too early to jump-ship? How do I avoid burning bridges?