What are the 3 most important things in mobile marketing?

**Make Sure Your Customers Can Find You**

It has become the norm now for people to search for local companies on their phones. About 95% of those mobile searches are done on Google so it is easy to decide to focus on Google. When Google ranks maps, they consider both paid effort and organic results. This means that you can choose to either pay for visibility, work hard to rank for valid keywords, or both.
The good news is that most local companies you are competing with will not have taken steps to. This means that it can be relatively easy to improve your rankings. If you need help doing so, just contact Webstract.

**Use Mobile Ads and Targeting**

If you are like most business owners, you have a good idea of who your ideal customer is. You know where they come from, what they are looking for, and what they have in common. You may not have experience running mobile ads or targeting specific groups, but you can use the info you already have about your customers to find others who meet their same demographics.
You can target ads based on a nearly endless list of characteristics. We know that about 90% of people will do business within ten minutes of their homes so location is a strong contender. You could then narrow down by age group, income, and other factors you know about your potential customers.

**Ensure Your Website is Optimized for Mobile Browsing**

About one in three consumers will not consider working with a company if said company does not have a website. In just a few years, the number of people who primarily search online has risen about 20%. If your website is not optimized to be reviewed and used on mobile platforms then you should assume there is a 100% chance you have lost at least one potential client or customer due to the difficulty of navigating your website from a mobile device.


Work Experience for Entry-Level Digital Marketing

Hi everyone! I have been trying to break into digital marketing for about 1-2 months now. I have a number of certifications under my belt including Google Ads Search and Google Analytics for Beginners, etc. My bachelors is in psychology and I have very little experience with the hands-on work in the field. I have had two interviews so far but cannot get past the initial phone conversation as I lack the actual experience that companies are looking for. I have been looking more towards agencies that offer a training program as in-house jobs have all shot me down immediately. Does anyone have any advice on how to get actual experience that would allow me to showcase my skills in more concrete ways than my certifications seem to be doing? Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated! 🙂


Finding startups in growth phase?

I’m working on a service / product that would cater to tech / finance startups in their growth phase. Not later when they are big, but rather in the middle range, when they are making money and growing.

Question: How do I find a larger number of such startups easily?

I’ve thought of: Google searches? – Any tools to bulk search social media for such startups? – Certain startup directories/ link sites? other options /ideas if available.

P.S. I don’t need to get contacts / email, not that kind of tool. I just need the startup name, ideally the website too, and description of what they do that would later be analyzed / categorized via software.

Thanks for any tips!


So I’ve been a Social Media Manager for a brand for the past 9 months. The first few months I started our engagement rate was up +450% almost weekly and we’ve stayed in the green ever since.

We started with around 5,000 followers and recently went nationwide into grocery stores in March and we’re now at 7,000 followers. Which I think is great as they’re all organic. However my boss is all about vanity metrics and wants us to hit 15k by July. Granted I’m doing everything I can by constantly creating Reels which do great as well as utilize Pinterest and TikTok. One of our videos even hit 1.4M views on TikTok and that still didn’t get us a ton of followers.

I know numbers are just for vanity metrics and lots of other accounts buy their followers. But is there any secret to growing more followers organically? I see so many “social media management” companies who claim instant success for their clients but I just feel like I’m doing everything possible and it’s still not gonna be enough if I don’t get to 15K.

We’ve also done lots of influencer collabs and giveaways and I just feel like Instagram has tanked so much in growth for so many accounts lately. Even influencers with 30K followers barely hit 200 likes on a post anymore.

Any advice? I’m literally the entire marketing team and we don’t really do any ads.


Does Social Media Organic Reach actually exist?

First post here and I’d appreciate your thoughts!

I’m trying to build up an online language teaching business from nothing, and I’ve had a dabble with trying to get followers on Facebook and Twitter this week. With Facebook, it seemed there was nothing I can do to get people to follow my new page. Twitter has given me scraps of followers, but similar to Facebook.

So I thought I’d have a go at a paid Facebook ad. In my paid post, I asked people to like my Facebook page. I have 300 reactions to my post so far, which was nice – but all of them did the opposite of what I asked them to do – they liked the post, but not the page!!

But the fact that I could pay for hundreds to see my post, yet virtually no-one sees my posts otherwise, makes me wonder:

– Is organic reach on SM now a complete myth?

– Does all SM following have to be paid for, or obtained through other activities?

– Or are there other SM platforms where organic reach still really happens?


Help me close more web design & smm clients

I’ve had a digital marketing agency for 4 years now and
I’m looking to increase cash flow
We’ve done roughly 30 websites and we’ve had 10+
retainer clients all who stayed on for 4-8 months some
who are still running
Our biggest issue is increasing cash flow so we can run
ads and payout more in commissions. Obviously to do
that we need to drive in some more clients.
I need people who can sell uncontrollably and aren’t
afraid of being commission based. It’s a eat what you kill
type of deal
I’ve had success in Facebook groups prospecting but
mainly the majority of business has come from referrals.


Demotivated to continue…

I was brought in to manage a partner about a year ago. I have recently found out I’m about to be transitioned out of this role and told I will be given a new set of activities to manage after this transition occurs at some undetermined point in the future .

I am swamped. I have been single threaded and responsible for all of my output this quarter. I have been beset with delays from no one working any of my content while on vacation, being sick with COVID, having to cover for employees who quit, on-boarding other people in our department and the level of output I’m expected to bear is breaking me.

I don’t have the mental bandwidth to support all of this and they’re citing pulling me off of the account as something I requested due to stress.

I would be fine if it were just that, but the lack of messaging about what comes after I transition to a new role feels problematic as their silence over my new role feels like I’m being prepared for an exit .

I feel like I would have been in a different position had I been onboarded better or supported better, but we went through a complete overhaul of our department earlier this year and I was the only person who was still here when that occurred.

What would you guys do?

I’m brushing my resume off and getting myself back out there before this turns into me being unemployed, but how do you guys deal with being stuck in a role that you’re not going to have, but stuck inside of having to pretend as though everything is copacetic?


Interesting marketing problem with company YouTube channel – external views cannibalising search performance?

Hi there,

I’ve got an interesting marketing problem to solve and I’m curious to get thoughts. I work for an EdTech who produce lots of high-quality video content to be consumed by paid users on the website – revision videos, solution videos etc as part of the overall service.

Part of the idea to market the service was to make the most recent ones available for free on YouTube as well, so that users might come across the limited but high-quality content which directs them towards the service and they can pay to access the full library etc.

The videos are embedded in a player by subject matter on our website and are hosted on YouTube. So a sample of the content is public and the rest is unlisted. However, this is not working as planned. Despite the good view count on these videos from the embed on our website, YouTube seems to be totally opposed to showing these in YouTube search results.

So at present when I look at a single video about 90%+ of the view count is from embedded plays on our website, from users naturally using our service. However, I suspect YouTube is sceptical of this type of video and as a result is simply not showing these videos in search results despite our channel being reputable, the videos being of high quality .

Our other videos that are freely available but not part of revision content perform fine and appear in search results well.

Can anyone confirm this is the issue or has anyone run into this kind of problem before?

Thanks in advance!


Construction Materials Marketing Strategy (Getting Distributors Outside Your Region)

Field: Construction Materials

Differentiation: Price and Eco-Friendly

Problem: Translating Sizable Domestic Success into New Markets Unaware of the Tech or References

1) If you were in the construction materials sector, how would you approach distributors? In my case, these would be steel stockists. Are there European or American trade shows I should be looking at? Do distributors even go to these things?

2) Let’s say I get a trademark and unify all marketing under this trademark to distribute the leads generated between the six distributors each serving their respective regions of the continental US. What are some issues that I might run into?

3) If I wanted to do a campaign, what are some ways to get market researching done? If you are familiar with the industry, what keywords should I be focusing on? What certifications should I be preparing?



Help me choose a career path!

Hey everyone, this is my first post ever so please cut
me a little slack lol. I’ve recently been blessed enough
to become the manager of the social media
department for a very big TV casting company that
ranges from news to reality tv all on prime time . They have offered me the opportunity to be relocated to either California or New York, full expenses paid, yet I am currently based out of theirMiami studio which is also a city on their relocation list. I have 2 dogs, a Siberian Husky and a German Shepherd and base most of my decisions based on them, might sound stupid but they are my babies and the only family I have. I am a very social person constantly making connections, as well as very financially driven and bilingual as well, I mention that because I feel like California is all about making
connections, NY is all about finance, and my language
skills would help me in Miami. I am feeling right now
like I did when I had to choose between Charmander,
Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. They’re all good but each have their own perks and once I choose I will be fully
committed to that choice. Please help me figure out if I should stay in Miami or make the move to NY or